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Six houses of Lord Muruga. Tamil Speech. S.V.Ramani.

Six houses of Lord Muruga. Tamil Speech. S.V.Ramani.

முருகனின் ஆறு படை வீடுகளை தரிசிப்போம்.

Thiruparamkundram : Soora Samharam, Chariot Festival and Laksha archana (worship to Lord Muruga by hundred thousand names)

Thiruchendur : Swing Festival (Oonjal Sevai – where Lord Muruga swings with his consort in a highly tranquill atmosphere)

Palani : The Golden Chariot Festival (A very famous occation in which golden image of the Lord goes around the temple in Gold Plated Chariot)

Swamimalai : The Soora Vahana Festival (Lord Muruga is seated above the Asura Soorapadhman and is taken around the temple)

Thiruthani : Mirror Festival (Kannadi Sevai – where the Lord’s Six faces are exposed through a mirror and worshipped)

Pazhamudhircholai : Bathing Festival (Abhishekam – where the Lord’s image is bathed in several holy waters, amidst the veda chanting – Sri Rudhram and Chamakam).

Please see Lord Murugan pictures and hear my Tamil Speech thro “You Tube.” OM Muruga Saranam !



  1. lord muruga …..muruga…aragaro…aragaro..aragaro….great thanks….om muruga…vetrivel muruga…

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