Posted by: ramrajya | July 18, 2012

Kerala Ayurveda docs raped 19yrs girl nurse should be hanged.

Kerala Ayurveda docs raped 19yrs girl nurse should be hanged.

இளம் பெண்ணிடம் வேலை வாங்கித் தருவதாகச் சொல்லி கற்பழித்த கேரளா ஆயுர்வேத டாக்டர்கள்.

Two ayurvedic doctors are on the run after allegedly raping a nurse from Kerala at an apartment in Anna Nagar. The doctors, also hailing from Kerala but employed in an ayurveda hospital in Tamil Nadu, brought the 19-yearold woman to Chennai on the pretext of giving her training in the city.

Police said Aajil Kumar, 42, a chief doctor with Kerala Ayurveda Hospital in Trichy, employed Nisha (name changed), anative of Thodupuzha in Kerala, on May 12 as a trainee nurse. Saying she needs to undergo training in Chennai, he brought her here on July 8. They were picked up by Shreejith (35), a doctor employed with the hospital’s Chennai centre, from the railway station and taken to an apartment complex in Anna Nagar.

While she was given one of the two bedrooms, the two doctors occupied the other. The same day she was allegedly raped by the duo. Police said the duo threatened her to not to reveal the incident to anyone. But later she told her friend about it and they decided to lodge a complaint at the Thirumangalam police station. But police kept the matter pending. Meanwhile, the doctors filed an anticipatory bail petition in the Madras high court. But their plea was rejected and Thirumangalam police asked Nisha to approach J J Nagar police. Finally, a case was registered under IPC sections 376 (rape) and 506 (ii) (criminal intimidation) on Monday after a medical examination of the girl.

Narrating the incident, Nisha told TOI: “I locked my room before going for a bath, but was shocked to see Aajil inside the room when I came out. Before I could question him, I was dragged to the bed. Later he called in Shreejith.” She said: “I took up the job to support my family. Though my parents were reluctant to send me off, I was stubborn. So, I didn’t want to reveal the matter to my family members and further traumatize them.”

Unable to bear the trauma, she stopped going to work and quit the job. Police said the duo even asked her to get her friend to agree to have sex with them. Police have former team to hunt for the accused.

Two men have been sentenced to death for the rape and murder of an ethnic Arakanese woman that sparked recent sectarian clashes in western Burma.

Like that the Ayurvedic Doctors who cheated the 19 years girl on the promise of getting nurse job and raped her should be hanged then only others will rectify.


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