Posted by: ramrajya | July 23, 2012

Principal of Rajasthan Saint Paul School to guide moral habits to children is doing immoral activities.

Principal of Rajasthan Saint Paul School to guide moral habits to children is doing immoral activities.

பள்ளிப் பிள்ளைகளுக்கு நல் வழி காட்ட வேண்டிய பேராசிரியர் தானே தவறான செயல்களைச் செய்கிறார்.

The Rajasthan police have arrested a sharp-shooter from Mumbai, who was allegedly hired by Falna towns, Saint Paul Schools Principal to kill a youth after he had complained about his relationship with a Teacher of the school. Police said father Sabastian Demello had allegedly hired Wahid Sheikh [35] to kill Vijumen Cherian for Rs.3.5 lakh. Demello and the 28year old teacher fled after Sheikhs arrest on 20-7-12 Friday.

DSP Rahul Barhat said the alleged sharpshooter was arrested from a local Hotel. Wahid is a known criminal from Mumbai. Our team has left for Mumbai to gather details about him. The teacher was Vijumen’s wife who worked with Demello, had told him about the relationship. Vijumen, who is a private contactor and provide Buses to the school, told us that he tried to warn the principal not to indulge in the immoral act as it could damage the school’s image. said Barhat. Demello was recently transferred to Falna in Pali District and suspected that Vijumen was behind his transfer.

He threatened to kill him if he did not stop getting involved in his affairs said the Police officer. He said Wahid had even called Vijumen from Mumbai and told him that he was coming to kill him. After reaching here, Wahid met Vijumen on the protest of buying some property on7th July. Demello called vijumen on july15th and told him that he was going to get him killed.

Wahid called Vijumen the next day and told him that his life would end in 3-4 days, said Barhat. Barhat said after Vijumen informed the police about this threat call, Wahid was arrested. He confessed to having received an initial payment of Rs.75,000 from Demello. Of the total amount he had deposited Rs.40, 000 in a bank. DSP Barhat said police teams have been rushed to Falna, Mumbai and several other places to arrest the Principal and the teacher.

A Principal who is in highest position of guiding moral habits to children is doing immoral deeds. Such persons should be severely punished then only others will rectify.


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