Posted by: ramrajya | August 2, 2012

Jokes to Laugh for elders only…!

Jokes to Laugh for elders only…!

சில சிரிப்புத் துணுக்குகள் பெரியவர்களுக்கு மட்டும்..…!

1. Mr.…! You are an unmarried bachelor; I won’t give my portion of my house for rent to you. I am having three unmarried girls..!

Don’t worry yourself sir; I will bring two more my friends they are also bachelors…!

2. Hey…Gopu…! Why are you in a sad mood? You have married a beautiful girl recently…!

Yes…Yess..! My wife also delivered a male child. But so far, I have not enjoyed the first night Honey-moon..!

3. Hey Rekha..! Why always you are reading story books?

In the interest of my official duty only…!
What …reading story books is for official duty?
Yes…I have to tell some sexy stories to my boss in his room, and then only he will sleep..!

4. Hey…Lilly..! Yesterday night two men entered my room and threatened that they will rape me..!
Then what happened?
Since I was alone, I have called my sister to manage the second fellow..!

5. Hey…Julie..! Two days back I have stayed with my lover in a five star hotel and in one night one ruffian entered my room and threatened me that he will kill my lover if I won’t mend for his desire to have sex with him..!
Have you called the Police?
No..! For protecting my lover I have accepted for the intruder desire.

6. Sir…Whether this lipstick will stay long even if I gave kisses to my children?

Madam…! Even you can test it here itself with me and if the lipstick is not vanishing you can purchase it..!


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