Posted by: ramrajya | August 15, 2012

Fifty six years old Pakistan cricket umpire affair with 21years old Indian Model.

Fifty six years old Pakistan cricket umpire affair with 21years old Indian Model.

56 வயதுடைய பாகிஸ்தான் கிரிக்கெட் நடுவரும், 21 வயதுடைய இந்திய மாடல் அழகியும்.

International Cricket Council (ICC) umpire Asad Rauf has been accused by a Mumbai-based model, Leena Kapoor, of sexually exploiting her for several months after promising marriage. Rauf, a Pakistani national, has been coming to India for several cricket tournaments, including the Indian Premier League, during which Leena alleges they had a relationship.

The 21-year-old model has filed a written complaint with DCP Pratap Dighavkar, in which she claims she had a sixmonth affair with the 56-yearold umpire, which was prolonged only because he promised that they would soon get married. However, she says, Rauf has now backed off.

When I tried calling him a few days ago, there was no response,” she says, adding that last week, Rauf called her to say that he did not know who she was and refused to have any more interaction. Pakistani website the quoted Rauf as denying the allegations and saying Kapoor was seeking to gain publicity by linking her name to his.Model Leena Kapoor, who stays at Oshiwara, claims she met Rauf for the first time in Sri Lanka six months ago through a mutual friend.

“We exchanged numbers and stayed together in the island nation for three days,” she says. “He also came to Mumbai to meet me when Iwas ill and we became closer.”

Leena has been quoted as saying that she would ask Rauf several times about marriage and “he would always tell me that it would happen soon”. “He also offered to buy me a flat in Mumbai. But I never wanted his money. I have enough for myself and am busy with my work,” she told.

Without knowing about others intention, any young girls should not fall victim to men.


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