Posted by: ramrajya | November 19, 2012

Lord Muruga fight with demon Surapadman and defeated him this event called as Surasamharam.

Lord Muruga fight with demon Surapadman and defeated him this event called as Surasamharam.

In Tiruchendur Sri Subramanya Swami Temple, Skanda Sashti Festival begins on Deepavali – November 13, 2012 (Tuesday). Soorasamharam is on November 18th (Sunday). Thirukalyanam is on Nov 19th (Monday)Sashti Thithi starts at 5.14 pm IST on Nov 18th (Sunday) and ends at 3.34 pm IST on Nov 19th (Monday). Generally, Surasamharam is held after 5 pm in the evening. Since Sashti Tithi ends before 3.45 pm IST on Nov 19th, Surasamharam is on Nov 18th. Tiruchendur Temple.

In Skanda Purana it is stated, the demons under the leadership of Surapadma, Simhamukha and Tarakasura defeated the Devas and took over the earth. They started harassing the human beings and there was Adharma all around.

Lord Brahma, the demi-gods and humans prayed to Lord Shiva to intervene and to put an end to the demons Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati gave birth to Lord Muruga – the most handsome god and the commander of the Devas.

Lord Muraga then appeared to fight the demons and the fight continued for six days and killed all the attendants and friends of demon Surapadman. On the final day, there was intense battle between Muruga and

.Finally, Lord Muruga pierced the body of Surapadma with his Vel (lance). Suddenly, demon Surapadma transformed into a huge mango tree but Lord Muruga cut the tree vertically into two pieces with His Vel.

The two pieces transformed into a peacock and cock. Lord Muruga took the peacock as his vahana or vehicle and the cock was given a place on his banner. This event is popularly known as Surasamharam.

Lord Muruga Saranam.


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