Posted by: ramrajya | December 9, 2012

Let us know about the birth of Lord Saneeswaran and get his blessings.

Let us know about the birth of Lord Saneeswaran and get his

is a small town in Karaikal, Tamil Nadu,in the Union
Territory of Pondicherry
(better known in the Tamil language as Puducheri), and can be reached by road
from the town of Karaikal
which lies in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Thirunallar is most noted
for the shrine of Lord Shani (Saturn), Tirunallar Saniswaran
Temple within the temple
dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva.

This is the only temple that is dedicated to Lord
(Saneeswaran, in Tamil).
Whenever (planet) Saturn transits from zodiac sign
to another (an occurrence roughly every 2.5 years), millions throng this shrine
for worship. The legendary King Nala is said to have been relieved of his
afflictions caused by the malefic influence of Saturn, after worship in this
temple. Of the numerous theertams (sacred bathing places), the Nala theertam is
the most important one. It is believed that by bathing here, one washes off all
kinds of misfortunes and afflictions caused by one’s past karmas (in terms of
deities, Lord Shani or Saturn is said to be the dispenser of karmas (both good
and bad), but also one whose Grace, particularly at this shrine, can dispel bad
karmas or, at least, make them bearable).
Let us all go to Thirunallar and worship Lord
Saneeswaran and get his blessings to relieve all our difficulties.

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