Posted by: ramrajya | December 17, 2012

“Don’t Smoke” It will affect your health Super Star Rajini’s request to Youngsters.

“Don’t Smoke” It will affect your health Super request to Youngsters. Star Rajini’s

For the last 20 years, Rajinikanth chose to stay in the city on his birthday. And, he even agreed to take part in an event organized by his fans the next day to celebrate the big day. The Superstar, who spoke at the event on 12-12-12 , was surprisingly at his eloquent best and opened up on many aspects including his health issues and even politics.

“Twenty-two years ago, three of my fans who had come all the way from their town to take part in my birthday celebrations died after meeting with an accident on their return journey. This is the reason why I get out of the city on my birthdays,” the actor revealed.

“A few years back, a political outfit protested against my film alleging that I promoted smoking. The manner in which they protested might have been wrong, but I felt the issue that they raised was a very valid one. Every leader enters politics only to do good for the people but it is the system that defeats them,” he said.

The actor also blamed smoking to be the cause for his recent health scare. “When I was a bus conductor, I used to drink a lot due to peer pressure. And, when I entered films, the problem got worse and coupled with my long working hours led me to a depressive state. But after my marriage to Latha, I reduced my consumption of alcohol and changed my lifestyle by involving myself in yoga and spirituality. However, I continued to smoke too much which eventually became the root cause for my health problems. My lungs and kidneys got affected and I had to be treated in Singapore. The medicines I took to recover also made me weak and I changed my medicine system. Now, for the past two months, I’ve been hale and healthy and even doctors exclaim that it’s a miracle.” But purely on the well wishes of my, I am having good health.

“This is why I’m asking youngsters and my fans to stop smoking. Please quit the habit immediately,” the Superstar urged his fans. It is also our request the youngsters must leave drinking and smoking and safe guard their family and their own health in good cheerful condition.


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