Posted by: ramrajya | August 21, 2014

Saftey in sub-trains flying away in Chennai, man slashes, robs fifty sovereigns and cash from women at Night.

Safety in sub-trains flying away in Chennai, man slashes, robs fifty sovereigns and cash from women at Night.

News paper dated 21-8-2014 at Chennai says:-

A man robbed two women at knifepoint on a suburban train heading from Tiruttani to Chennai on Tuesday night, slashing one of them in the face and kicking her when she tried to use her cellphone to call for help.

The robber, who had tied a handkerchief over his face, entered a women’s coach at 9.30pm, a senior officer of Government Railway Police said. Bharati, 40, who has been hospitalized, and Prema were returning to Mosur after attending a wedding in Nagari, Andhra Pradesh. “The man brandished a knife and snatched 50 sovereigns of gold jewellery and `10,000 from them,“ the officer said. “The women were alone in the coach.“

They had reached Tiruttani by bus and boarded a train to Chennai. The young assailant hopped on to the coach as the train was pulling out of the railway station. “The women did not find anything amiss as he behaved like a passenger and took a seat,” the officer said.

“When the train picked up speed, he tied a handkerchief over his face, walked up to them with a knife and demanded they hand over their jewellery and money.” When Bharati took out her cellphone, he slashed her with the knife and kicked her from the seat. Bharati told police that he removed her gold chain as she lay on the floor of the coach. He took all the money that Prema was carrying and jumped off the train when it slowed down at a curve near Arakkonam.

Though the railways has often stated that commuter security is a priority, Tuesday’s robbery show how vulnerable commuters are on the suburban network.

Commuters said it was surprising that Railway Protection Force personnel did not notice a man hopping into a coach occupied by only two women. The commuters were at the mercy of the robber till the train covered the 15km stretch between Tiruttani and Arakkonam.

When there are sufficient Policemen and RPF personnel are on duty late at night on the Chennai-Tiruvallur-Tiruttani route,then why this atrocity has been happened? It is stated RPF and railway police increase vigil for a few days after a crime is committed, but get lax again.

The railways proposed to install security cameras in all suburban trains, but have made no progress on the plan as yet.The railways should fix cameras on all suburban trains. After this incident Railway authorities must take sufficient precaution methods to curb similar grave incidents should not happen in future.


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