Posted by: ramrajya | August 27, 2014

Donkey and the washer man’s Boy.

Donkey and the washer man’s Boy.


There was one washer man in a village. He uses to take the clothes of the local village people for washing in the river.  Along with his donkey, he also is having a poor boy as his assistant.  That boy will collect the clothes from the village people by going door to door. After collecting the clothes he will bundle it and will bring it to the river with the help of the donkey.


One day a costly cloth of a villager was missing and he complained the same to the washer man. The washer man got annoyed and kicked the boy with blows. The poor boy could not withstand his master’s heavy blows and cried the God’s name “Narayana…Narayana” come and help me.


Hearing the cry of the boy, Lord Narayana telling his wife Lakshmi Devi, that he is going to help the poor boy and went away. But he returned soon and Lakshmu Devi asked him, have you helped the boy? The Lord told her that there is no necessity for me to help the boy.  The boy himself could not withstand the beating of the washer man, and as a self defence, he got wild and attacked the washer man. Seeing the boy’s brave attack the washer man runaway.


Lord told that every one has conflicts; and every mind is a Kurukshetra i.e., a battlefield. The innocent people should not be punished and Dharma be established. The poor boy has thrown his fear and weakness of his mind and fought against the cruel minded washer man. The lesson of this story is that innocent people should not be punished. The weaker section should not bow their head and they must fight against the evil.


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