Posted by: ramrajya | September 2, 2014

Modi’s first 100 Days, India Cheers…!

Modis first 100 days India cheers..!
Times of India News paper in its issue dated 2-9-2014 states, overall, 16% of respondents rated the performance of the government as `excellent’ and another 42% rated it as `good’, which means a good majority approve of the Modi government. About a third thought it was `average’ and roughly a 12th characterized the performance as `poor’ or `very poor’.
On the whole, Chennai and Kolkata emerged as the cities most sceptical of the new government’s performance while Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore seem the most in awe of Brand Modi. The scepticism of Chennai and Kolkata would seem to reflect the BJP’s electoral performance in the respective states and the presence of strong regional parties themselves riding popularity waves.
On the price front, the government’s performance was seen to be not so good. Only 11% felt it had done an excellent job on this front and 37% said it had done a good job, while 40% said it was average and the rest said it was either poor or very poor. People in Mumbai were the most critical with just 20% saying the government had done a good or excellent job and 33% feeling it had done a poor or very poor job of reining in prices.
The poll, conducted by leading research agency IPSOS, covered more than 2,000 people in the 20-60 age group, split equally between men and women and between people in Sections A to D.

The Government must try to improve its performance and do more to get all peoples whole hearted support to get its popularity waves.


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