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Aurangazeb and Durgadas Rathore.

Aurangazeb and Durgadas Rathore.

துர்காதாஸ் பணிவுடன் ஔரங்கஜீப்பிடம், அரசே எங்கள் குருதி நாளங்களில் மனிதாபிமான உணர்வை  பாயச் செய்திருக்கிறதே அந்த மகத்தான இந்து தர்மத்தையே சேரும் என்றார். எனது வீடியோ உரையைக் கேளுல்கள்.  

 Akbar, who was to die in exile in 1704, had left his children in the custody of the Rathores following his failed rebellion. Aurangzeb had become anxious to have them with him and negotiated with Durgadas to this end. He gained custody of his granddaughter in 1694 and of his grandson in 1698. Aurangzeb was particularly grateful to find that Durgadas had arranged for his granddaughter to be schooled in the Muslim faith but he did not restore Marwar to Rathore rule; the agreement was limited to him pardoning and giving the lesser title of jagir to Ajit Singh and appointing Durgadas as a commandant in charge of an imperial force of 3000 men in Gujarat.

 Durgadas after completing his duties successfully and fulfilled the promise which he given to Jaswant Singh, left Jodhpur and live in SadriUdaipur, Rampura, Bhanpura for some time and then left to worship Mahakaal at Ujjain. On 22 November 1718, on the banks of the Shipra at Ujjain, Durgadas died at the age of 81 years, his canopy in red stone is still at the Chakratirtha, Ujjain, which is pilgrimage for all freedom fighters and Rajputs.

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