Posted by: ramrajya | July 17, 2010

Whether Police raid DVD shops for Tamil movie “madharasapattinam”?

Whether Police raid DVD shops for Tamil movie “madharasapattinam”?

A raid in Chennai on some Anna Nagar shops “to detect new CDs/DVDs of new Tamil releases” on Thursday afternoon by a huge police team saw it return without even one CD. Anna Nagar deputy commissioner S Paneer Selvam led the team, which comprised all the assistant commissioners in the district, 12 inspectors, 20 sub-inspectors and 20 constables.

Sources said the raid was to identify if the pirated DVDs of ‘Madharasapattinam’, produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin, were in circulation. However, when the police landed at Netaji Market near the Anna Arch, they were welcomed by closed shops. Most of the owners had left. The law-enforcement officials, however, called the shop owners association office bearers and threatened to seal the shops if they were not opened.

A few shops were sealed as a warning. Then the association members rushed to the spot, but could not find many of the owners there and used hammers to break open the locks. The police then conducted a thorough search but could not find anything. “We were trying to find the latest Tamil releases but could not get any,” said Paneer Selvam. He said whenever a raid was organized, the information was leaked out and by the time the police reached the spot, the shops were found closed.

“This time we made them open all the shops but they had managed to get information beforehand,” he said.

In Chennai, daily one house breaking, chains snatching like offences are being done by anti social elements. In market unhygienic water pockets, date expired medicines and unhygienic food pockets are being sold by anti social shopkeepers. Government must utilize Police department for identifying these immoral people from the society. Government must be keen on utilizing police for safe guarding matters that affect people’s day-to-day life and work and then only they will be appreciated.

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